Event Overview

The Universal Pharma-Coding System: UPCOS

“Safety, Security and Confidence in Health”

“A no-fee no-bias public pharma coding system that is implementary and obligatory where implementary”

To be held in Amsterdam during 25-26 April, 2019 the UPCOS (The Universal Pharma-Coding System) Congress and Assembly will uniquely be addressing the global healthcare systems with a new, unprecedented global official implemantory pharmaceutical coding system for prescription and non-prescription medicines and drugs, pharm and health products and all other medical products, devices and instruments, etc. The UPCOS provides all health professionals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and corporations and all other medical and medicine-related institutions, organizations, associations, companies with a new, revolutionary universal identification coding that comprehensively informs all the parties involved in prescribing, using, dispensing, storing and transporting medicines, drugs, pharmaceutical and health products and all other medical products and instruments.

Congress Highlights

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Reason to Attend UPCOS Congress 2019

Important Speakers

Listen to more than 35+ distinguished visionary pharma executives and policy-makers, as speakers, from the World enterprise and governence exclusively sharing their knowledge, views, visions, opinions, suggestions and experiences that will provide crucial input in the paths of the "UPCOS advancement".

Networking Sessions

The Congress will be providing a great opportunity to do networking which will be helping you multi-dimensionally uncover visions and ideas and spark inspiration while getting to know one another inter-connectedly at closer personal and formal levels.

Unique Content

More than 16 Hours of discussing, evaluating and sharing the unique UPCOS elements and subject matters, and their valuable impact on public healthcare systems and the invaluable benefits the system offers to the World Public itself as well as its pharma and healtcare industries.

Meet Awesome People

Meet more than 350+ of your official conterparts sharing the unique UPCOS cause of the exceptional opportunity for the inter-related and inter-functional bases of the UPCOS Platform to discuss and mobilize joint views, properties and values you are to share on the way to the great unique horizons of UPCOS.

Who Should Attend ?

Delegates from

• Pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and institutions
• Pharmaceutical research companies, laboratories and institutions
• Universities’ pharmacology departments and units
• National and international associations, institutions and organizations of Pharmacology
• National and international associations, organizations and institutions of pharmacists and chemists
• Governmental bodies and departments of pharmacy and pharmacology basically including FDAs (Food and Drugs Administrations) and their equivelants
• National and international medical and pharma organizations, associations and institutions
• International medical and healthcare companies, associations, institutions and organizations
• International administrative and authoritative governing bodies organizations and institutions [EU/
EC, UN, WHO, etc.
• International mass media, medical media, healthcare media

Top Speakers

35+ Leading Speakers Including :

Dr. M. M. Karindas

The World Academy of Medical Sciences

Valeri Shevchenko, MD, FWAMS

Academy Professor of Biotechnology
Executive Board Member, WAMS
Chairman, Biotechnology Board, UPCOS, Ukraine

Jelena Ivanovic, MD, FWAMS

Radiologist, Executive Board Member, WAMS
Senior Board Member, UPCOS

Alejandro De Ia Parra Solomon

Chairman, UPCOS Organizing Committee
Fellow and Executive Board Member, WAMS

Dr. Junaid Nazar, MD, FWAMS,

Head of Nephrology,
Chairman of the WAMS National Council of Pakistan Senior Board Member, UPCOS

Dr. Tural Osmanov, MD

Executive Board Member, WAMS
Senior Fellow, WAMS International Board of Radiology, National Council of Azerbaijan
Senior Board Member, UPCOS


Senior University Lecturer, Chairman of the WAMS National Council of France Senior Board Member, UPCOS, France

Walter Bini MD PhD

Professor of Neurosurgery
Dean of Faculty, WAMS
Senior Board Member, UPCOS

Mirta D’Ambra, MD, FWAMS

Executive Board Member, WAMS
Senior Board Member, UPCOS Argentina

Dr. Ettore Piero Valente

Professor Orthopedic and Traumatology, Executive Board Member, WAMS Senior Board Member, UPCOS Italy

Dr. Joel I. Osorio, MD

President at RegenerAge Medical – Biotechnology, Regenerative and Translational Medicine Initiative, UPCOS

Shahin Gavanji

Executive Board Member, WAMS
Senior Board Member, UPCOS IRAN

Topics Covered at UPCOS Congress 2019

UPCOS – Introduction
UPCOS’s Global Impact
UPCOS World Delegation Selection
UPCOS National Councils Member Selection
UPCOS and the Patient
UPCOS and the Medical Professional
UPCOS and the Pharmacist
UPCOS and the Big Pharma / the Generic Pharma
UPCOS and the Healthcare Provider

UPCOS and Governments / Drug Administrations and Authorities
UPCOS and the Global Organizations (EU, UN, WHO, UNESCO, etc.)
UPCOS Impact on Africa
UPCOS Impact on Europe
UPCOS Impact on Asia
UPCOS Impact on the Middle East
UPCOS Impact on Latin America
UPCOS Impact on North America

Conference Schedule

Event Timeline 25-26 April, 2019


9:30am to 10:30am
The Opening Ceremony Introduction : UPCOS Congress 2019
10:30am to 12:30pm

Presentations and Discussions on UPCOS issues and subjects

13:30pm to 15:00pm

Presentations and Discussions on UPCOS issues and subjects

15:30pm to 17:00pm

UPCOS World Council Delegates/Members selections.


9:30am to 10:30am

Presentations and Discussions on UPCOS issues and subjects

10:30am to 12:30pm

Presentations and Discussions on UPCOS issues and subjects

13:30pm to 15:00pm

Presentations and Discussions on UPCOS issues and subjects

15:30pm to 17:00pm

UPCOS World Council Members/Delegates selectionsn & Closing Ceremony


About 350+ partcipants will be attending the UPCOS Congress and Assembly 2019 Click the logos to learn more about the participants


Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport, Lijnden, The Netherlands

Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport is located close to highways A4 and A9 in the small suburb of Lijnden, ten minutes from Schiphol Airport and a 25-minute tram ride from the city centre.

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